Tempel Koludra – unhallowed (Dissection Cover)


Temple Koludra was founded in the Frankfurt am Main area / Germany in 2010. Musically, T.K. can be located between the genres of aggressive, chaotic, modern Black Metal and experimental Ambient music.

The meaning of „Koludra“ could be rendered as „concurrence of the whole”. The word is deduced from the latin term „Colubra”, which means colubrid, snake. It is further connected to the meanings of Ouroboros, the whole, and of the English verb „to collude”. These diverse origins of its name mirror the universal approach of the project.

“Bare i lucent vann, speile seg land”
„Only in clear water, land is reflected“

The art of T.K. aims at the creation of a connection, a gateway for the transition between the artificially polished modern spirit and the raw, chaotic current of the primordial consciousness that rests in all things and can never be fully erased.

The lyrics put into words symbolistic visions of rituals, strange rites of passage and summoning, which evoke an escape from habitual, familiar patterns and a quest for authenticity and clarity. In some passages, Norwegian, German, English and onomatopoetic elements are combined into a single language in order to expand the limits of expression through accentuations and sounds.





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